Top Beauty Tips from London Escorts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is important to us here at London escorts, says Maria who runs the agency. All of the girls who work for me are very beautiful but that does not mean that they don’t have to work at it. Most women presume that escorts do not have to do anything to stay pretty, but my girls certainly look after themselves. I try to give them all a few tips on how to stay beautiful, and how to look after themselves. None of the tips are complicated and neither are they expensive. Expensive beauty is something that I do not believe in says Maria.

The girls here at London escorts do rush around a lot. They go from date to date, and it is important to keep yourself well dehydrated. My top tip is always to drink plenty of water to keep yourself healthy. Another thing with water is that it flushes out your kidneys as well. The girls meet a lot of travelers from all over the world, and it essential that they avoid infections. We all know that many travelers can carry different viruses with them, that is after all have germs spread.

London Escorts

London Escorts

I also tell the girls to moisturize well. Most of the London escorts appreciate this, but I stress to them to use simply products. Products without parabens and other artificial ingredients are the best. Personally I only ever use the simplest skin creams and I don’t spend a fortune on them. If, there is something that Nivea can’t fix, I try to find another gentle alternative to Nivea. It is easy to do and there are many simple products out there. Manufacturers are now becoming more and more aware that women want simple products to use at home.

Hand cream is another top tip beauty tip from us here at London escorts of It is easy to carry a small tube of hand cream wherever you go. A lot of people look at your hands when it comes to assessing your age, it is just automatic and we can’t help. I love certain brands more than others, and my favorite hand creams all come from Boots. They do some excellent products and I love the fact that they are all none greasy. There are other more expensive ones as well, but I am reluctant to spend that can kind of money hand creams.

Looking after your hair is important as well, and I encourage all of the London escorts to look after their hair. Timotei do some excellent shampoos which are paraben free as well. They give your hair a lovely shine and make your hair stronger. Our hair gets really badly damaged by air pollution. and many other factors. Personally, I think the biggest problem is pollution and I notice how different my hair feels after a day up in London. It is all lanky and terribly dirty, I try to avoid going to London if I can, laughs Maria.

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