Why Masturbation Is Good For You

Masturbation is defined as the manipulation or stimulation of genital organs of an individual so as to achieve sexual satisfaction. This is mainly done by touching the penis or vagina until one begins to feel like he or she is going to have an orgasm.

Masturbation is a good sexual practice because of its health benefits; the main benefit of masturbation is that it is safe. It reduces the risk of contracting STI’s or unwanted pregnancies. In fact, some countries are already encouraging their adult people to embrace masturbation so as to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

Below we’ve outlined some of the awesome techniques and tools of masturbation.

Watch an Erotic or Pornographic Movie

A pornographic movie will stimulate you sexually as you watch naked adult men and women fucking each other in fantastic positions and locations. Watching others get it on, you will feel like you want to fuck or be fucked. This will get you started.

Use Both Hands

Most men like using one hand when masturbating. But if you want to get maximum pleasure, use both hands with your penis between your palms. Rub it gently then increase speed.

Use Lubricant

You need to have a lubricant to aid in the rubbing action. This will enable you get maximum pleasure as you enjoy your masturbation process.

Hold Your Balls

This prevents them from hanging so that your orgasm can be heightened. You should hold them with a light but firm grip using one hand as you continue masturbating.

Focus On Erogenous Zones

You need to touch erogenous zones so that you can achieve maximum stimulation. Such areas include nipples, thighs, neck, penis, vagina etc. depending on your sex.

The Many Benefits of Masturbation

• It reduces the risk of HIV/AIDs
• It is cheap when compared to hiring prostitutes for sexual satisfaction
• You can do it any time you feel like you want sexual gratification
• You can do it on your own. No need of sexual partner
• It enables one to experience sexual fantasy
• It gives an individual quick and fulfilling sexual pleasure
• It does not spread sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, herpes and more.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, although masturbation has its negative effects, it is a good and healthy sex practice because it is safe and does not cause sexually transmitted diseases. You are encouraged to try it if you are an adult.

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